Caros interessados na Medicina Oral

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Trata-se de um email do Prof. Mike Brennan ao Prof. Jair Leão estimulando a participação de brasileiros em pesquisa sobre a atuação em Medicina Oral a nível mundial.

Dear Colleague,

Could you please send the email below to Oral Medicine Practitioners in Brazil? We currently have no participants from Brazil and want to make sure that Oral Medicine Practitioners in Brazil are well represented in this international survey.

“ The World Workshop in Oral Medicine V will be incorporated into the 10th Biennial Conference of the European Association of Oral Medicine, which will take place September 21st-25th, 2010 in London, England. The goal of WWOM V is to convene an international group of experts in oral medicine and allied fields to complete and disseminate systematic reviews and position papers in strategic areas of scientific interest and key areas of relevance to oral medicine at the international level.”

“A goal of the workshop is to evaluate the current state of oral medicine practice on a global scale. To assess this goal, we are asking for your participation in a survey.”

“Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested to participate, and instructions to complete the survey will be sent back to you.”

“Your reply will help to describe the present status of oral medicine practice as well as delineate recommendations for future modeling.”

“Thank you for your time and effort regarding this important matter.”


Michael Brennan

Pepe Shirlaw

Eric T. Stoopler